Alley Masters Comp 2019

31 st Alley Masters was held today on the 3/8/19 in clean 1 metre waves at North Cronulla. Put on by Cronulla Sharks Boardriders Club the event brought out many of Cronullas best young talant and the old legends who competed in the over 45 division.

alley_5531 alley_5559 G.Malley_5567 Groms go wildally_5525aDane De Coqueally_5549 ally_5561 Glenn Pringleally_5569 G.M.ally_5571 Mowhawk spectator ally_5578 ally_5579 Adam Brownally_5582 Brownyally_5585 ally_5601 Stuart Goochalley_5563 Glenn Pringle