Seek and Destroy

Excerpt from Radical……… Driving, searching, walking and waiting and what ever else it took. They were desperate for their own surf adventures discovering uncrowded perfect points where trees meet the sea. For years they had been brain washed by surf mags with images and words and now they were old enough it was time to discover it all for themselves. Scoring good waves came down to how much effort and time you are prepared to put into the hunt. Fame and fortune may have its appeal to many but for surf adventurers the true motivation is to escape from the every day world and sample what few others have ever experienced.

ch1Maddog on the hunt.ch2Rowdy at Noosa .ch3Froggy runs amok on a surf trip to Ultradulla.ch4Ultradulla trips were full of barrels that would allow you to ride as deep as the wave would permit. All the while you where stoked in the knowledge that your mates were there to share them with you. Often enough there was not another soul in sight

ch5Saving up your dole cheques until you could afford a new stick.ch6The trusty Falcon surf cruiser.