South Coast Memories

From the 70s right up into the 90’s I spent a lot of time on the Southcoast of NSW, enjoying the scenery and back then it was such a great place to find an uncrowded wave and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.We use to sleep in the boots of our cars, or in sleeping bags on the beach and sometimes we’d stay up all night by a camp fire frothing on first light and the dawn patrol. The walk into Blackrock got the blood pumping and grabbing a peek at the lineup near the camp across The Bay and watching a set peel off was a vision Ill never forget. Southcoast is still the land of quality waves, just don’t tell anyone.

abDirt road Kombi cruising on the way to The Farm

froggoFroggo in the 70’s, single fin fun days.

cgRedsands reef at sunrise.abcunderwaterBlackrock a whole new world under the waves.abcpotPotholes lefts

localTrue local Blackrock lad powering with a reptile cutty.abc4Barbwire sunsets